The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Pinterest: A BoardBooster Tutorial

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This post was contributed by Zoe Linda, social media strategy and marketing extraordinaire. Zoe will map out exactly how to grow your Pinterest following with an easy to use BoardBooster tutorial. 

Pinterest is such a powerful tool for increasing your blog audience. When using it right, you can make Pinterest your number one source of traffic to your blog. It’s not like using Twitter or Instagram to boost your blog – Pinterest can give you a lot better results with a lot less effort. “How?” I hear you ask. Well, my friend, there’s a little tool called BoardBooster – and it will rock your world. Keep reading to find out how to utilise BoardBooster and watch your Pinterest notifications explode whilst you sleep!

Looping is your BFF

BoardBooster is a Pinterest scheduling software. Unlike Tailwind and Buffer, BoardBooster has the feature to ‘loop’ your Pins. This means all the pins you’ve already saved to your boards don’t sit there gathering dust, instead, they gradually get repinned to your boards again. It’s great – you’re constantly pinning content without having to actually pin! With BoardBooster, I have my boards looping over 80 pins a day. I literally get repins and likes in my sleep and always wake up to hundreds of notifications. It’s lazy but effective!

How to set up looping…

Once you’ve signed up for a BoardBooster account, Looping is the first feature you want to set up. Head to Pinning Tools > Looping to get started.

Click the ‘Add Boards’ button and select which of your boards you want to loop pins on. Choose the boards that have the most pins and that are the most relevant to your audience.

Here’s a behind the scenes look of my BoardBooster account:

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Growing Your Pinterest Boardbooster Tutorial

I’m looping 88 pins per day on 15 boards without having to lift a finger. It’s magic!

Top tip: Before you start looping, you might want to pad your boards out a little. Try to pin at least 20 to 30 new pins to each board you want to set up looping on. The looping can get a little repetitive if you only have 10 pins on your board.

When you’ve chosen your boards, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to select some options for your looping. Leave everything for now with the exception of timing: pop in the times that are most suitable for your audience. I’ve found my audience on Pinterest are most active between 9:30am and 11:30pm, so I set up looping throughout these times.

Top tip: After you have been using BoardBooster for a while, you can see a report of when the best times to pin are. Utilize this! I usually go back and check this report once every couple of months and rejig my pinning times if appropriate.

Getting into the nitty gritty…

Once your boards are all set up, click on the first board to configure some more advanced settings. Let’s work together on an example; below is a screenshot of the settings for my ‘Blogging Tips and Tricks’ board.

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Growing Your Pinterest Boardbooster Tutorial

This board is super relevant to my audience and is a collection of just under 300 pins. Because of this, I’ve got it set up to loop 10 pins a day throughout the times I have set. You can go ahead and use the ‘advanced’ time settings but I find that the basic settings work well enough!

Top tip: I’d recommend looping between 3 to 7 pins per day on an average board and up to 10 per day on extra special boards!

Under ‘pin selection method’, you want to be looping the oldest pins first – or you’ll find lots of new duplicate pins at the top of your board! So, select ‘Chronological, oldest to newest’ in this here and include ‘all’ pins.

The option shouldn’t be skimped over. Do you need to run automatic deduplication? Hells yes!

“What the heck is deduplication?!”

Well, when BoardBooster loops a pin, it doesn’t delete the original pin, it duplicates it. If you don’t enable ‘automatic deduplication’, it means that your boards will just be full of duplicate pins that loop around all the time. This could get a little repetitive for your audience, amirite? Enabling this setting means that BoardBooster will delete the older pin after a certain time. I have my looping set it up so the older pin is deleted 5 days after it was looped.

I also have ‘protection for viral duplicates’ enabled so if a pin has performed particularly well, then BoardBooster won’t delete it. Yay for Pinterest success! As you can see, I’ve set up BoardBooster to keep pins with more than 50 repins. You could set yours lower or higher depending on what you perceive to be a successful pin!

You can enable protection for pins with a certain number of comments too. Handy, eh? I tend to leave this disabled as I notice if someone has commented and reply to them fairly swiftly.

Once you’ve got your settings configured for all your boards, you’re good to go. Happy looping!

If Looping is your BFF, Scheduling is your sis

Scheduling is my secret weapon for group board success. You can use scheduling to schedule pins to your own boards but, honestly, I wouldn’t waste your time. Pinterest’s algorithm pushes relevant pins to the top of the feed instead of the newest pins, so you’re free to go crazy pinning on Pinterest for an hour or two a week without annoying your audience. In my opinion, there’s no need to schedule to your own boards.

Group boards, however, are a different story.

If you go pinning like mad onto group boards (which, you shouldn’t do without checking the rules first), it’s really obvious and seems quite spammy when you go on the board itself. Pinterest users will want to join and follow group boards that have a community feel and if you’re the only person who’s be pinning to it in the past hour, you might not give off the best impression!

If you aren’t a member of group boards already, find some by searching keywords in your niche on Pinterest’s search or Follow instructions on the board’s description to join the boards.

Once you’ve joined some group boards, or if you already had some under your belt, it’s time to head to BoardBooster to use their scheduling tool. Head to Pinning Tools > Scheduler to get started.

Here is another behind the scenes peek at my account and my scheduling settings:

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Growing Your Pinterest Boardbooster Tutorial

I’m pinning 5 pins per day to 6 of my group boards and I’m getting so much exposure on Pinterest for this. This is blog/biz/life changing stuff, folks!

So, when you’re ready, hit Add Boards and select the group boards you want to schedule to. I’ve chosen the 6 boards that generate the most engagement for my pins.

Top tip: You can check this for yourself on Pinterest’s analytics (if you have a business account – which you should totes get, it’s so worth it)! Go to Pinterest Analytics > Your Pinterest Profile and scroll down to see Boards with top Pin impressions. Here you can see which boards are your best performers. My top group boards are ‘Blogging Tips: How To Create A Blog’, ‘Blogging Boost Official’ and ‘Girl Boss’!

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Growing Your Pinterest Boardbooster Tutorial

Now, here’s the thing, BoardBooster will create secret boards for each board you’ve selected to schedule to. What you’re meant to do is pin to the secret board and BoardBooster will pin it to your public board during the times you’ve set up. BUT, for group boards, this is massive timewaster. I found myself pinning the same content to 6 secret boards and when I found out a simple trick to save time, I was kicking myself. I’ll get onto that but for now, delete the secret boards. Good riddance!

Setting it all up

In your settings for each board, you can choose the times and number of pins per day – just like looping. I bet your a pro at this by now! Below are my settings for pinning to the group board ‘Girl Boss’:

The Ultimate Guide to Easily Growing Your Pinterest Boardbooster Tutorial

The secret to saving time here is to change the ‘source board’. This way you can pin to your own boards as normal and BoardBooster will automatically use those pins to pin to group boards too! Phew – what a timesaver!

Top tip: This might seem obvious but choose a source board that is the most relevant to the topic of the group board. You don’t want to be pinning irrelevant pins that stick out like a sore thumb. That’s one quick way to get kicked out of a group board!

For ‘Girl Boss’ BoardBooster is pinning pins from my ‘Business Tips and Tricks’ board 5 times a day. Nifty, huh?

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This next part is important though – under ‘when a pin is published’ select ‘keep it on source board’. Otherwise, BoardBooster will be deleting pins from your original board and you’ll be left with nothing.  So, don’t forget to do this! Then ‘when all pins are published’ just select ‘start over’ and you’ll be forever staying active on your favourite group boards.

Now you’re done!

The best thing about all of this? You don’t have to think about it.

I’d recommend taking about an hour (max) a week to top up your boards and add new content and perhaps spend some time each month to reevaluate your BoardBooster settings (board performance, best times to pin, etc) but aside from that, you’re literally set for life.

Of course, Pinterest still requires some strategizing and keyword planning but BoardBooster handles a massive chunk of this work. Now you can spend less time stressing over Pinterest, and more time getting on with your blog + biz!

Ultimate Guide to Growing Pinterest A BoardBooster Tutorial


Zoe LindaZoe Linda helps biz owners stand out online through social media strategy and influencer marketing. Take a look at her blog here and follow her on Pinterest here!

If you need help with your Pinterest strategy, take a look at Zoe’s Pinterest Makeover package on her site.

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    Wow, Zoe. Nice tips! Just got referred here via Twitter and this article was great. Looping and scheduling is a must for Pinterest users. Just make sure the timing is correct to avoid bombarding your followers.

    Thanks for sharing.


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