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So, you just wrapped up an epic blog post, but now you’re stuck in a never-ending search for the perfect stock photo to accompany it.

I get it; I’ve been there.

All too often, it feels like you have to invest a ton of time AND money into your graphics to get the results you want, but believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to use stock photos to achieve that high-quality custom look you’re aiming for with little to no cost OR effort.

Don’t fret, buttercup. I’ll show you how.

The Creative Boss is here to offer a helping hand and weed through all the fluff, so that you can find the best and most affordable stock photos on the internet to aid you in creating amazing graphics for your brand.

I’m going to share a stockpile of my favorite websites that are loaded with shit tons of different photos; you’re bound to come across something that tickles your fancy.

FREE Stock Photos


Kayla, the creative mind behind IvoryMix, releases new stock photo bundles every month. These usually include a couple of free images making IvoryMix the best starting point for newbies looking for great quality photos on a low budget.


FancyCrave offers two brand-new photos every day, so there is always something new and fresh on their site.


If you’re looking for clean, crisp stock photos with bright white backgrounds, CreativeConvex is the place for you, and there are always free packs available.

Pexels, Unsplash, Stokpic, and Pixabay

Here are a few honorable mentions that are similar to FancyCrave. They all offer a steady stream of new content added by various artists making these great starting points when you’re looking for something new. However, I would recommend having an idea of what you’re looking for in mind, so you don’t find yourself spending hours on end browsing through endless amounts of photos.

Premium Stock Photos


Not only is this a great place for free stock photos, but they offer some amazing premium photos as well. Download one of the free mini bundles, and if you love it, consider purchasing a premium bundle.

Creative Market

Creative Market is a digital marketplace and my favorite site for finding quality digital assets, including stock photos. In addition to photos, their inventory includes fonts, patterns, textures, icons, and more.

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Creative Convex

They say that if the free content is amazing, then the paid products must be fantastic. This rings true with Creative Convex. You can grab a free pack of excellent photos, or invest a little cash and receive even more awesomeness.

SC StockShop

This is one of my favorite stock photo sites to just sit and drool over. All the photos are beautiful. They all have a luxurious feel to them, so depending on how feminine and glam your brand is, this could be the perfect site for you.

Subscription Stock Photos


Okay, so I’m an IvoryMix fangirl, but hear me out. If you have purchased a bundle and fallen in love with it, you might want to just join the monthly membership. It is completely affordable on any budget at only $10/month and grants you access to every single bundle, old and new. Seriously, how freakin’ sweet is that?

Haute Chocolate

This is the perfect place for you if you’re wanting a feminine approach with a sleek and sophisticated style. Haute Chocolate is a membership-style stock photo shop that grants you access to a brand-new set of photos every month, as well as the archives. Their memberships start at just under $20/month.

Turquoise and Palm

This is another affordable membership-style shop. For only $19/month, Turquoise and Palm offer a variety of stock photos. You’ll find photos ranging from tranquil beach scenes to drool-worthy home offices – and everything in between. If you’re more likely to be looking for something different for each photo, I would recommend checking out this site.

The list of sites offering stock photos are nearly endless; however, most of them are either ridiculously expensive, or they only have low-quality photos that you wouldn’t want associated with your brand. The sites mentioned above are my favorite go-to resources for high-quality stock photos. I can usually find what I’m looking for at any of them.

This should go without saying, but just in case, you should always read the terms of use before using any stock photos – free or paid. Always use photos in accordance with the terms of use because getting sued isn’t fun for anyone. #BetterSafeThanSorry

How to Get More Out of Stock Photos

Now that you have found some awesomesauce photos to use, you may be wondering how you can get the most out of them, but there’s no need to worry.

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There are ways to make sure the photos you use align with your brand and can be used time and time again.

Yep, you read that correctly. The same photo can be used repeatedly and appear different each time.

Creative Overlays

This one is probably the easiest to achieve with the photo overlay packs in the shop. Simply set your stock photo as the “background” of your graphic, add the overlay, then add your text on top.

I know – it’s ridiculously easy.

All the overlay packs that are available in the shop are ready-to-use; no designing necessary.

You can thank me later.

Content Upgrade Free Overlay Pack

Creative Cropping

This is another preferred method of mine. You can see this in action if you check out my Instagram feed. Basically, I decide on a photo and utilize the cropping tool to “cut” out smaller sections. It’s better to choose a photo with a few different elements, such as a desk scene with a laptop, a cup of coffee, and a notebook.

Ta-da! Turn one photo into many by using this simple method – plus free up some valuable time that you can now use on more important things.

Colorful Borders

For starters, adding a simple border to a photo can make a world of difference.

Your image can even appear (sometimes drastically) more custom, and may be all you need to keep it in alignment with your brand.

A border can also give you an excellent space to include details such as your web address or the title of the blog post you’re representing.

There are tons of other ways to make stock photos look a bit less generic, but these are just a few no-fail methods that are achievable with virtually any photo editing program including my favorite (free) web-based editor, PicMonkey.

So, stop sitting on your hands, and bump up your promotion game by using these quick and easy methods to create some amazing graphics. Create custom overlays and start updating your blog photos to attract more traffic to your website.

Don’t believe that updating your old blog posts with new graphics will benefit you?

Give it a shot; I dare you. In fact, I double dare you.

Dig into your archives and find your oldest, most popular blog post, update the graphics, and start promoting it on social media.

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And please, drop in and share your new and improved graphics over in TCB mastermind group as well!

Top Sites for Amazing Stock Photos and How to Get the Most Out of Them!
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