Are you tired of creating content that no reads? Do you feel lost when it comes to creating new content that you audience actually wants to read? Are you tired of creating content that no reads? Do you feel lost when it comes to creating new content that you audience actually wants to read? Are you tired of creating content that no reads? Do you feel lost when it comes to creating new content that you audience actually wants to read?

It’s that time of the week when you are creating fresh content for your audience, and you are clueless as to what to write. I know that feeling is all too familiar. I used to second guess what I should be creating for my audience and then it was like a light bulb when on above my head.

The most obvious answer to the question is to give them what they want. There are a few ways to do this, and they both depend on the audience you have. If you are starting out, create within your niche and it will make sense in due time.

You may find that what you thought your audience wanted ends up being a bit different over time, so it is important to keep creating content to see what sticks.

What Are They Reading That You Already Created?

After you have attracted your target audience, you are probably still creating content that is very general, but if you take some time to dig into your analytics, you will start to see what content is most appealing.

Side note: If you don’t have Google Analytics enabled for your website. Open another browser window and do that now!

Go back through the past 90 days and notice which blog posts are attracting the most traffic. These are what your audience is currently into, and it would be a safe bet to keep creating content that is similar.

What do your top five visited blog posts have in common? Are they all about the same specific topic? Are they similar in length? Be sure to make a note of the similarities so that you can continue to replicate this when you are creating content.

Also, take note of the graphics that you used for each post, are they similar? The styling of your graphics could be attracting your audience initially, so you will want this to remain the same.

Another important thing when creating content based on previous blog posts is to link it. If the new post is directly related to the previous, go back to the original and add links to the newer post to help drive traffic to it and vice versa. Utilizing interlinking on your website will help to keep visitors on your website longer.

Ask Them What They Want!

A second option to find out exactly what content your audience is after is to ask them.

If you have a Facebook group, ask the question in there. If you have an email list, send out a quick survey as to how they are struggling.

One thing that I do for The Creative Boss Mastermind group is utilizing the three questions to ask my audience exactly what they are struggling wtih when it comes to their websites. I also use this as an opt-in location and a way to measure how they are finding the group. These are three questions that tell me quite a bit about them and where they are at in their business and what I can do to serve them better.

Another great way to ask your audience what they need is to create a survey; I use Typeform for creating surveys.

I also ask directly inside of emails that I send, I create tags based on responses and set up custom pages so that they can get some immediate solutions to their problem. The tagging system with ActiveCampaign allows me to create tags and trigger an automation with ease based on their answers to my questions.

Asking for feedback directly from those that are already reading the content I create has helped my business to grow over the past couple of years. I can create content that is wanted because I am more targeted.

If you are still struggling to get subscribers on your list, this free training is for you! 

How to Get More Value Out of Craved Content

Once I know what the audience needs I can start creating content with that I know that they will find extremely valuable.

Creating Content Tailored Specifically to Their Current Level

I know that my audience is at various stages in their business, but most are struggling with website portion, how to get the most of it, how to better design or better yet, what to even do with the website.

You can give your audience exactly what they need to solve their immediate problem; this will help turn them into raving fans of your business.

Creating content that is specific to where they are at will keep them from feeling overwhelmed and make them feel as you are creating content exclusively for them.

Give Them Bite-Sized Chunks Of Content

I break down various points of the journey into bite-size chunks, helping them to pick their path on the website and gives them the information they are looking for without overwhelming them with more.

It’s important to remember when creating content that often less is more. We often feel like we need to overdeliver, but, it would be better to go for the quick win.

By creating content for the quick win and eliminating the overwhelming feeling, they may get from others about the same topic will help you to become a name that they trust and return to frequently.

Sell Them the Next Level of Solutions

Going for the quick win also serves another purpose. I can now create content upgrades to grow my email list. I can create more in-depth products on the topic. I can create more related posts on the topic. It helps me to keep providing value at the perfect level for my audience.

Creating content your audience wants is a process that will work in any industry. Ask your audience what you need to create to solve their problem and give them that, not more. But lay a foundation that you can build upon and become the source that they keep returning to your website.

And give them options to take their relationship to the next level.

Rinse and Repeat

Once you have a system down for figuring what your audience craves you can rinse and repeat the process every couple of weeks when you are creating a new batch of content.

If done correctly you can even utilize the same content upgrades and funnels so that you are creating less content but still giving high value to every reader of your site.

Sarah Crosley

Sarah Crosley

Founder of The Creative Boss

After years of trying to run an online business I have seen quite a few ups and a whole lot more downs. I spent hours every day researching how to make a go at some elusive, passive income. I felt like it was something that was just a myth, and then I figured out what the real meaning of passive income was: to work smarter, not harder. It’s not just sitting around watching the dollars pour into your bank account, but you can create products that will sell and still be sitting on the beach or at home in pajamas, and I want to share with you what worked for me. I don’t want you to spend years trying, failing, and throwing in the towel.

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