How To Quickly Create Content Upgrades to Grow Your Email List with Photoshop + Free Template

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You already know that the money is in the list. However, how do you grow your email list? You could place a banner on your site saying “Hey subscribe to my newsletter.” However, that will probably just turn people away. You need to give to get. Moreover, the more you give, the more, you will get back. So how can you strategically add a plan to give your audience continually and get them to allow you into their sacred inboxes? The answer is quite simple, Content Upgrades. They have already found your free blog post and read it, so now is the time to build off of that. Give them more than they were anticipating with the agreement that you can email them when you have some awesome things to share with them later on down the road.

I can already hear the groans about the time it will take to create something else for every single blog post. Just hear me out. It will be worth it. You will build relationships. Moreover, your audience will get to the point where they are excited to give you some of their hard-earned cash in exchange for the knowledge that you always deliver. However, still, the time. I get it, I totally do. Time is money. Moreover, if you are creating tons of products just to give away, it can be hard to see where you are going to get that money back. However, hey, I have your back. I have a method to use to save you time and get you started on the right track. Are you ready? You can quickly build out all of your free printable worksheets, cheat sheets, nearly anything that is a single page PDF in just a few minutes. Want to know how?

The Magic Tool to Grow Your Email List

Simple one page PDFs can quickly be created with Photoshop. Yes, I know that is probably the most unconventional tool to use and most will tell you to use Adobe InDesign (and you totally could) but if you want to add pretty graphics to your worksheets and do it quickly. Photoshop offers much flexibility, and the learning curve is not too bad. I have even done the hard part and created a template that you can download and follow along, to quickly change the colors, fonts and text to make it match your brand.

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So let’s get to work. If you do not already have Photoshop, that is not a problem. You can get a free 30-day trial or subscribe to a bundle with Photoshop and Lightroom for only $10 a month.

30 Day Free Photoshop Trial

While you are downloading and installing Photoshop, let’s take a few minutes to brainstorm what content upgrade you want to create first. The easiest is going to be a reference guide. This can be a summary of your blog post with the links to key tools that you mentioned. Alternatively, you can supplement that adds bonus topics that you did not cover in the blog post. The key thing to remember is to make sure it directly related to the blog post you are adding to and to keep it to a single page.

Creating Your Content Upgrade

All right, with Photoshop open and ready to go, let’s get to work creating some amazing content upgrades. Grab the free template that I have created, and we can start creating a quick reference guide.

Content Upgrade Template

The Header

Across the top of the page, you see a big bold space for your header. You want to make sure that the colors and font match your brand style. Simply open the folder and make the appropriate changes. Don’t forget to give your page an amazing headline.

The Footer

At the very bottom of the page, you will see the footer section; this is a great place to leave your website, social media handles or another identifying marker. You want to make sure that your audience remembers where they got this awesome piece of content from, especially if it is something that has a high probability of being shared among their peers.

The Content

The center of the page is where the magic happens. This is where your content will go. For this template, I create three key points. I gave each section an eye-catching graphic with the number and outlined the box for the text. You can change the shape of the numbers to something built into Photoshop, or you can dig a bit deeper and use an element from your Brand Style Guide or find something great from Creative Market. Add your text to the boxes and you are done. This sheet should have taken you just a few minutes with making the quick changes.

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The Save

However, we still are not finished yet. If you have your page just the way you like it, you are ready to save it. This could be as simple as just hitting the “save as” button, but I am going to bet that you want to make your document a bit more secure. After all, you do not want someone downloading it and changing your branding in the footer and just reposting it on his or her website.

When you select “save as” you will want to select “pdf” and check the box to save as copy and disable the layers. Once this is selected you will get another pop-up box with settings to select as you choose what resolution you want to save your PDF. If you know, this is something that will be printed you will want to save at a high-quality print. If not you can choose something lesser that will result in a smaller file size; this is great for your hosting. You will also need to decide if this document needs to be password protected and to what extent the protection needs to go. If you only want to disable others from modifying the document then set a password, just skip the part the disallows printing without a password, that could quickly turn off those that download the PDF when they realize that they are not allowed to print.

Content Upgrade Templates Will Help You Quickly Grow Your Email List

The best part of using templates is that you can use them repeatedly only needing to make minor changes to each one. This saves you time since there is no need to create from the ground up.

You can even follow the guide to customizing your templates. If you find yourself creating a different type of content upgrade offer, you will want to save the template so that you can save yourself time and headaches later down the road.

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Now that you have created an amazing content upgrade for one of your blog posts, you are ready to share it with your audience and grow your email list.

Need a quick, easy-to-use template to create content upgrades for your blog posts? Grab the free template and grow your email list today!

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