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Sometimes when I am on the internet, I notice tiny things that get my brain to buzzing. Was that glitch? I clicked on this particular photo, and I don’t even see it in the post. This folks is magic in its purest form. Secret Pinterest images. I didn’t even realize that such things were possible. But it’s smart. It’s ingenious. Everyone knows that long images get better results on Pinterest, but you don’t have to have them taking up valuable real estate in your blog post. I know this is mind blowing information. So being the true detective that I am,  a skill I acquired from watching Bones and Castle, I found out how this illusion was even possible and am going to share it with you, cause we’re friends.

If You Make It

It all starts in your magic graphic generating program of choice; I prefer PhotoShop or PicMonkey (if I’m feelin’ a bit lazy). Begin by creating the canvas at the optimum size 700 pixels wide by at least 1400 pixels high. I like to follow the general rule (that I totally made up) of twice as tall as wide. But you can use any dimension you want just make it long.

Now with this custom sized canvas we get to work making it all pretty and screaming to the world “Click Me, Click Me!”. Add your photos and some juicy text.

I like to scroll through Pinterest and take notes on images that instantly grab my attention. What exactly made it stand out to me? What do they all have in common? How can I implement these methods into my graphics to get the same results?

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You will find that by answering these questions you will be better set to creating the most irresistible images found on Pinterest. Because let’s be honest for a minute, how often do you read the description? Yeah, me too.

Once you have the best graphic you have every created in your entire blogging life, you are ready to save it. Save it for web resolution, good quality is about 72 dpi. Just remember to keep your file size as small as possible without loosing too much quality. Even with hidden images, they are still slowing down your website since it is reading all of the information. And no one waits patiently to see nothing show up. They will be confused and probably just leave. 

With your irresistible graphic saved let’s move back to WordPress. And get ready to perform the magic trick of blogging. 

Now let’s hide it

Within the post that you are going to add this magic super clickable graphic scroll all the way to the bottom. This is where we are going to add it. Just upload it, adjust your title and alt tag. This is the information that is going to show up with the pin. And prepare yourself for the magic spell.

Back in your editor you are going to click on the text version and scroll down to the bottom where you see the tag that starts with <img src> and we are going to add some code both before and after. Immediately before your <img src> tag enter:

<div style=”display: none;”>

And then at the very end we are going to close this tag with:


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Now just save your draft and click over the visual editor and scroll to the bottom. See, magic! Your image is gone, or is it? If you go the preview of the post and click the option to pin the post you should see your long, clickable, pinnable image.

Now your blog post looks clean and polished but you have a very eye-catching graphic that you can pin to Pinterest or that others can pin when the are eager to share your post.

BONUS TIP: You can add more than one secret Pinterest image. You can test different pinnable images and see which ones your readers respond to better without it looking like a hot mess inside of your post.

Pinterest Tip: Secret Pinterest Images
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