How to Stop Wasting Time on Social Media Promotion

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The Quick Guide to Providing Quality Content to Your Audience Online in Under 10 Minutes A Day

One of the fun and not so fun parts of running an online business can be finding quality content to share with your audience. By now you have heard of the 80/20 rule that applies to everything. For social media, it is great to share high quality, relevant content to your audience that is created by others in your niche. I have a proven system that I use every day and can do while enjoying my first cup of tea.

The Tools: Buffer and Feedly

For my social media scheduling I love Buffer, they offer a free version, but for $10 a month you can add content to your Pinterest queue and Instagram. It covers all of the major platforms and keeps me from jumping into each one to post content. I am not saying that you do not need to check in and respond to comments, this will just keep you on task and streamline the process of adding content to your social media queue.

The second tool I use is also free, Feedly. It is essentially an RSS feed that is populated by content I have chosen to follow and allows me to “discover” new content creators that are similar to those that I currently follow.

How to Set Up a Buffer Schedule

To get the most out of Buffer, you are going to start with setting up a schedule for when to share the content you are adding. Setting up a schedule will help you to remain consistent and keep content ready to go as you fill up your queue. There are two options for setting up a schedule in Buffer, manually and the Optimal Scheduling Tool.  

Setting Up a Manual Schedule

If you know when your audience is the most active, you can take those times and create an optimized schedule. This is pretty straightforward, simply select the number of times per day you want to post and enter the times.

Setting Up an Optimal Schedule

If you are like most, you may track your engagement stats but not as diligently as you would like. I like to use the Optimal Scheduling Tool that Buffer offers, partially because I am bit lazy, and I figure the algorithms that they have set up are more aware when peak times are for certain social media platforms.


Setting up an optimal schedule can be done with just a few mouse clicks. First select the account you want to create a schedule for. Second, enter the number of times per day you would like to post. Third, hit the “Calculate Times” button.


On the next page, Buffer will show what times it recommends that you post and then allow you to create the schedule or replace the existing one.



With your sharing schedule created for all of the social media platforms you utilize you are now ready to find amazing content to fill your queue.

How to Find Blogs to Follow in Your Niche

If you are new to the online world, you may find yourself at a loss as to how to find relevant content to share with your audience. You may even feel like you are sharing content from your competitors. (Your voice is unique, and there is plenty of information to go around.) 

For a list of inspiration of blogs to follow, I start with Pinterest. I search for topics that I write about and find an article that pops up. If I find that they are similar to my brand I will add them to the list of content I will help promote. This is a great way to start building your community.  

A second great place to find content in your niche is Facebook groups. If you are active in groups, many have days that offer “promote your stuff” threads. By scanning these threads, you can find content creators that align with your message

How to Set Up Feedly with Blogs in Your Niche

With your list of content creators, you are ready to set up Feedly to start pulling all the newest content from these blogs in a central location. This is one of the best tools that I use, not only do I follow creators that are in my niche, but I can see what topics are trending and what is getting more shares than other posts.

Feedly Trending

Feedly also has a feature built in to discover similar creators based on keywords. This is another great place to find relevant content that you can add to the queue. This is quickly done by utilizing the search bar at the top of your feed. 

The 10 Minute Workflow

With Buffer and Feedly set up you are now ready to start maximizing your morning coffee time to fill your social media calendar.

Scanning Feedly for New Content

Every morning I sign into Feedly and scan for new content. I start with the home page; it tells me the most popular posts in the categories that I follow. I make sure to add these to the calendar, since it is already verified that they are generating engagement for others that share.

After adding those, I tab to the first category and quickly scan for articles that I believe will jive with my audience. I work my way through the list, opening and scanning the articles that catch my eye.

Adding Content Quickly With Buffer

As I open each new article and scan the content to make sure it is something that my audience will find valuable I then hit the Buffer button in my toolbar, I use Google Chrome and the extension.

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I tweak the descriptions, select the Pinterest boards to share it to, select the photos to use and then hit the “Add to Queue” button. Moreover, in under a minute, I have added a piece of content to my social media calendar.

I repeat the same process with every article that I found of value.  

Depending on the day this may be enough content to fill my calendar for a couple of days, I still check in and add new content on a regular basis. This keeps my presence online consistent, and the audience engaged because they know that there will be something new regularly.

Monitoring Engagement on Shared Content

Just because I thought a certain time would work best or that a particular content creator was great doesn’t mean that my audience will feel the same way. This is why it is important to review your statistics regularly and see what it is working and what needs to modify.

Buffer Stats Overview

By utilizing Buffer for social media sharing, I can see all of my statics in one place. I can quickly sign in and review what generated the most engagement or what was the least popular.  

I quickly scan what is similar about the posts that generated the most engagement, was it the time, the post type, the particular blog I am sharing? These are all questions that can help to create a better schedule and content to share with my audience.

Tweaking Content that Falls Flat

I can then dig deeper to see if it was a particular time that isn’t doing so well or a particular content creator.

If I notice that certain time is not working for my audience, then I can eliminate it from my schedule and only push out content when my audience is online and active.

By following the engagement of certain creators that regularly share from I can determine if their material just doesn’t jive with my audience.

With this information in hand, I can make changes to either the schedule or from the list of creators that I regularly share content.


BONUS TIP: Reshare content that generated high engagement rates every few weeks.

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