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How often have you stared at your computer monitor knowing that you need to write a blog post but are simply out of fresh ideas? Probably more than you would like to admit. Luckily, there is an untapped resource you could be using to generate blog posts and keep the ideas coming. Facebook groups. Chances are you are a member of some great groups related to your niche.

If you take the time to participate in groups, you will notice that lots of questions asked. These questions could be the fuel to your blogging fire if you can expand on the question. Not only can you be an active member in these groups by answering the question this is a great time to give a brief answer and then let the questioner know that you have written a blog post on the subject if they would like to know even more.

Not only are these groups great for finding ideas to create new content around they can also be beneficial for networking. If you have a question that could be a great for your audience but not enough knowledge to write about but see someone answer the question. This would be a great time to reach out to them and see if they may be interested in writing a guest post or even doing an interview together on the subject.

Another way to leverage Facebook groups to generate content ideas would be to ask a question yourself. You may be curious if there are two topics that both high priorities for you but want to know what others would like to see more of. Polling works especially great if you have a Facebook group to supplement your Facebook fan page and can connect directly with your target audience.

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1 Square ButtonLook for questions others are asking related to your niche.

By searching within the group for keywords or hashtags that are relevant, you can quickly find questionsthat may require your expertise.

2 Square ButtonAsk questions to see if there is a buzz around them.

If you have an idea for a blog post but not sure if there is a need to elaborate on, you may ask a question related within the group to get the conversation going.

3 Square ButtonLeverage your group or fan page to poll your target audience about interest in a subject.

If you utilize a fan page or a group for your business already, reaching out directly to those that value your opinion is a great resource.

4 Square ButtonAsk generic questions, such as, What is your biggest struggle? What would you like to accomplish in the next 90 days? Often these will prose struggles that you can write a helpful blog post about.

You can ask questions that are very general in both your group and networking groups that you participate in. This will not only build relationships but offer many ideas that you can expand on.

5 Square ButtonRead the comments on many posts to find hidden questions that someone may be afraid to come right out and ask.

Following the comments on posts within groups can often lead to many other questions. If the discussion has gotten pretty lengthy, there may be some gems tucked away that get overlooked or simply not relevant to the particular discussion.

These are just a few ways to utilizing the information that is already at your fingertips to grow your content offered to your target audience that is specific to what they are asking for.

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Utilizing Facebook Groups to build your content for blog posts can escalate to much more. You may also find that some topics require much more than a couple of hundred words to explain and will justify creating high-value content. You will find topics that are deep enough to write books or even courses around. Moreover, the bonus of using Facebook Groups means that your idea is validated, and there is a demand for the subject.

Content ideas can be found in many other ways besides Facebook The same methods can also be applied to following specific hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. The key to developing must read content is knowing where your audience is and connecting with them outside of your site to build relationships and prove that you can provide value.

What is your favorite place to look for untapped blog post ideas to provide value to your audience?

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