How to Create Gorgeous Graphics That Will Increase Email Opt-Ins

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The human brain processes image much quicker than reading the text, this why it is crucial to use eye-catching graphics to highlight information or create a clear call-to-action. By taking the time to create gorgeous graphics, you will quickly increase your email opt-in rates.

One of the biggest struggles that most small online businesses have is growing their email list. When starting out with a bootstrap budget, it can be difficult to create ways to increase email opt-ins, when it seems that all of the big names are using expensive automation tools to help them maximize their list growth. While using a tool like LeadPages is a great way to build quickly opt-in forms, you will notice that the more gorgeous and eye-catching the graphic attached to the opt-in form the more likely it will convert.

The Resources

There are some great resources that you can use to help you create gorgeous graphics that will not break the bank. Starting with Creative Market and PicMonkey. Creative Market is an online marketplace with oodles of digital goodness, including tools from fonts to stock photos. PicMonkey is a freemium program that is a photo editor but gives you the tools to create graphics for your website and social media.

By starting with Creative Market, you can find some great tools that you can use to put together gorgeous graphics. Some of my favorite assets include gorgeous hero images, bundles of fonts and fun scene builders.  With a cohesive look for my blog, I can build out around those and keep things consistent but still unique enough to catch attention.

The Creation

With a great photo, it is time to load it into PicMonkey and start editing the photo add your text for your Call-to-Action. You will need to resize the image so that it spans the width of your blog post. This will create a nice break in the text to give the reader a break while also drawing them into and inviting them to click on your graphic.

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You always find great looking stock photos but they don't quite match your brand. You can make any stock photo look like it belongs with your brand in 3 Easy Steps!

After you have resized your image, there are few different ways that you can add easy to read the text to your graphic.

The Color Overlay

You may choose to add a solid color wash over the graphic. Moreover, then type the text directly on top of it. This is one of the quickest ways to create a simple, cohesive look for stock photos for your brand.

White Space Optimization

If your stock photo has much white space, a great option would be to use the white space on the photo for the text. This is already there and lets you make use of the photo without covering anything up.

The Box Overlay

The third option makes use of both the color overlay and white space optimization by simply adding a shape of a solid color over part of the photo. With this option, you get the simplicity of a clean space to add text and don’t lose all of the gorgeousness of the photo you are using.

There are infinite possibilities on how you can customize your graphics to create stunning graphics, these are the three simplest and can be used with a rinse and repeat to give your blog a consistent look, by following the same technique.

The Creation Upgrade

Looking to streamline your graphic creation process a bit more? You can easily do this with Photoshop CC. With Photoshop CC, you will be able to create libraries of your fonts, colors and basic graphics that you use in every graphic you create so they are simply there when you need them. Eliminating the steps of loading them each and every time you sit down to create graphics.

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You can also add templates, standard sized images that you use for all of your social media graphics and save those settings. So when you are ready to create a batch of graphics you can just drop the stock photo you are using and everything is set up and ready for you to get to work.

The Delivery

With a gorgeous graphic, you can now add a link to an opt-in form. I love LeadPages LeadBox feature for this. I can create a custom pop-up boxes and link them directly to an image, so when it comes time to opt-in, there is a beautiful custom box that is ready for their information. I was put off for a long time at using a subscription service to capture leads, but now I realize how much time I wasted looking for alternatives.

With your gorgeous graphic created and added to your blog post, it is now ready to add the link. If you are using LeadBoxes, you can find the code and clip the URL snippet to add it directly to the image so that it links to it when the reader clicks on the photo.


With systems in place, you will be able to create quickly gorgeous graphics for every blog post that you publish and increase email opt-in rates by enticing your readers with visual goodies. The best part is this process can be used for more than just email opt-ins. This can be used for promoting things, like Facebook groups or even just older blog posts that are relevant to what they are reading.

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