Are you thinking of moving your websites to Siteground? Read this first!

For the past two years I hear the same things in the circles of established bloggers answering the newbie question, ”Which host should I choose for my blog?” or the better version “Bluehost just sucks who should I switch to?”

There are usually two things happening, newbie bloggers are clueless and broke. They tend to go with the cheapest hosting option for their site and Bluehost has an amazing affiliate program, that’s why you see some of the BIG names recommending them.

But no one answers the real question. Will my host actually be helpful when I have an issue?

Let me start by saying until a couple of weeks ago I used and loved Siteground. I hosted many of my sites and client websites and they were all wicked fast. I had minimal issues. But that quickly changed.

A client reached out to me in a panic in the middle of the night because their website was hacked! They had the basic security options in place, Wordfence plugin. Their sign in wasn’t “Admin” and password “password”. I regularly updated their website, so that the out of date plugins didn’t let the hackers in. But sometimes shit happens. And it did.

This client wasn’t particularly tech savvy but after reaching out to me and I let them know that I could take a look at the issue but it would take some time. It was the middle of the night after all.

So they reached out to the Siteground tech support team. And they were not helpful. They sent links to their knowledge base for her to read and then said, “If you don’t feel comfortable tackling this yourself please hire our partner.”

They did nothing but try to sell her a $200 service. They didn’t look into the issue. They didn’t try to restore a backup. They didn’t show that they cared about her as a customer.

And this spoke volumes to me. I realized that Siteground was on its way to becoming the next Bluehost. Highly recommended because they pay affiliates but don’t take care of their customers.

So I set off on a search for an alternative.

I knew that I needed something robust that could manage many websites and not cost a fortune.
I also wanted a small company that would take care of its customers.

After some time I kept seeing a name pop up in Facebook groups. Lyrical Hosting. I did some research and figured I would give them a try. They crossed many of my wants off of the list. WordPress hosting for multiple sites that isn’t over $100 a month. Customer service that is above and beyond.

But it’s like the internet gods knew that something was brewing. After signing up for an account with Lyrical Hosting I received a message via Twitter letting me know that my email was throwing error messages and not allowing the welcome email to be delivered.

I was having issues with Siteground’s hosting service!

This company, within minutes, hunted me down on social media and sent me a private message to let me know of an issue that had nothing to do with them. And offered a solution, try adding them to my contacts, to see if that works.

This is the customer service I was looking for. This is what I feel great about recommending to others.

Lyrical Hosting offers free migration. So if you are not tech savvy they will move your entire website for you, from another host, Blogger or Siteground. It is their mission to make this process as seamless as possible.

I also love that every month you get business goodies to help you including free stock photos and planning sheets.

These may not seem like much but it shows that they know who their customer is and goes above and beyond to make their lives better — this is what good business is about.


I wanted to give this a few weeks before I hit publish on this post so I could provide an update. Just because a company wows you in the honeymoon stage will they keep wowing you every day?

For Lyrical Hosting that is a yes!

This is a company that puts its customers first. This is a company that communicates with their customers. This is a company that is transparent.

So what has the first-month experience been like? I moved all of my sites and client websites to Lyrical Host.

They are set up in a much cleaner way than they were with Siteground and if a client decides they no longer need my managed hosting, it will be a breeze to move them elsewhere, or even transition to their own package with Lyrical Hosting.

Lyrical Hosting has a very active community on Facebook. If you have a general website related questions, this is the place to ask it. They are there to help you, because after all if your business doesn’t make money you don’t really need their service.

And they offer perks. Yes, a hosting company that offers perks.

Free stock photos

Do you ever find yourself looking for stock photos? You get some of those every month as part of our hosting package. The number you get every month is dependent on your package but still, stock photos that you can use for commercial purposes.


Business Goodies

They have a growing hub of other business goodies, from social media templates to guides to printable checklists.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike some of the major hosting plans, they don’t lure you in with a crazy low price and then give you a heart attack when it’s time to renew and 7 times what you initially paid. Nope. The package that you sign up offers consistent pricing. Yes, you can save a little by prepaying for a multi-month plan. But that is clearly stated.

Hosting packages start at $12 a month and include a free SSL certificate, 6+ email accounts, and they will migrate your site for you!

Choosing a reputable host for your website shouldn’t be like picking a name out of a hat of recommendations and if someone is recommending a $2.95 a month hosting package you should investigate to see if they utilize that service.

Sarah Crosley

Sarah Crosley

Founder of The Creative Boss

After years of trying to run an online business I have seen quite a few ups and a whole lot more downs. I spent hours every day researching how to make a go at some elusive, passive income. I felt like it was something that was just a myth, and then I figured out what the real meaning of passive income was: to work smarter, not harder. It’s not just sitting around watching the dollars pour into your bank account, but you can create products that will sell and still be sitting on the beach or at home in pajamas, and I want to share with you what worked for me. I don’t want you to spend years trying, failing, and throwing in the towel.

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