5 Ways to Upgrade Your Email List

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You hear it all the time, “The money is in the list.” However, never really put much thought to it passed that. You know that you want to generate income from your website but totally lost as to how to build your list so that you can start creating and selling products that they want. I will let you in on a little secret. You have to give, to get. Moreover, you need to give a ton of value. Email addresses are sacred nowadays and to get someone to share theirs with you can be a golden ticket. So how do you entice them to give you permission to infiltrate their inbox? By offering loads of high-value content to them for FREE. Yes, it is that simple. The more you give, the more likely they will be to invite you into their personal space of the interwebs.

So, how do you go about creating high-value content that your audience wants? This is where you have to put on your thinking caps. You need to know exactly who you are talking to, what their pain points are and give them solutions. People do not really care about the cute. They want things that are going to make their lives, businesses, anything that they are focused on better. So what can you share that your readers need?

You want your free content to accomplish two things. One, be so amazing that they simply can’t pass it up. And two, be so good that you leave them wondering what your paid products would include if they scored this for FREE.

However, you cannot just throw a product together and hope for some bites. You want this to build up to your paid product. If you are fitness guru and specialize in creating meal plans for your audience, then you want to show the results. You may give a week meal plan for a freebie to get people to try it out, see the results and are eager to come back to you for a more customized plan to help them achieve their fitness goals.

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You need to know that your free content is a stepping stone for a paid product. However, do NOT make your free content all about the sell. This is a major turn off. Focus only on giving your audience results. Let them test your product and see the results for themselves. Once you have them hooked, they will be ready to come back for more.

This is not an overnight remedy for building your email list. You will need to create products, test them and see how your audience responds. If you spend time making something, promote it and you get no bites for it. Then you need to think about what you made and why it is not driving demand. Is your idea too vague? Is it clear on how it will benefit them? Are you talking to the wrong crowd? The more particular your product is, the more likely you will see the results you want. Remember that you are not here to please everyone, one the right someone.

Freebie Ideas:


This is an excellent idea if you have the time to write a book. They can be quite time-consuming. However, you can pack loads of content into them. This is also great if you have a particular topic that you can write about that would be a bit longer than a traditional blog post.

Mini E-Course

This is an excellent way to start building a full-featured course. It gives your audience a hands-on approach to your teaching style and usually consists of a combination of products, such as worksheets, videos, and written content. This gives you much more flexibility to develop your teaching style.

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Video Series

If you have quite a bit of content on a topic to share you may find recording a series of videos beneficial. This gives your audience to chance to connect with you on a different level than just text on a website. They get to “know” you a bit better, and the retention rate for video is higher than just reading. This can take a bit of time to put together with recording, editing, and publishing but could be very beneficial to getting subscribers on your list.


Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience. You are live on video, and they can ask questions. They get to see a real, unedited version of you and connect on a level that is better than just recorded video or text.


Giving your audience a way to take action is incredible. Moreover, when they can take action and see immediate results you have hit the jackpot. With worksheets or workbooks, you can give self-guided actionable advice and show your audience what you are all about, helping them achieve the results they desire.

No matter which type of freebie you choose to offer your audience if your focus is on helping them you will see growth in your email list, and you will gain their trust. With both of these in place, you will set yourself up for success when it comes time to pitch your list a paid product. Not to mention, they will be more than ready to open their wallets because if you free content was so amazing the paid content is going to be mind-blowing.

Ready to kick your email list into overdrive? Here are 5 ways to UPGRADE your email list and keep the subscribers rolling in.

Sarah Crosley

Sarah Crosley

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